Swift Springs is a premier manufacturer of springs, designed with precision for automotive enthusiasts who seek unmatched performance. Every Swift Spring is crafted using H5S.TW., a material superior to silicone chrome steel. This innovation enables fewer coils in the springs, thereby reducing un-sprung weight and enhancing stroke capability.

Since the metric system is widely used in the sport compact and road race market, Swift Springs has introduced the metric line of coilover springs to reduce confusion and better cater to their customer's needs. Swift Springs' metric coilover springs come in various sizes, with inner diameters ranging from 60mm (2.25in) to 70mm (2.75in), spring lengths from 102mm (4in) to 254mm (10in), and spring rates from 3kg (168lbs) all the way up to 50kg (2800lbs). Whether you're seeking a comfortable ride for your commuter or a more aggressive setup for your race car, they have the right spring for your application!

Key Features: 
  • Manufactured Excellence: Our springs are crafted from advanced H5S.TW. material that surpasses the conventional silicone chrome steel, offering you unparalleled durability and resilience. 
  • Optimized Design: With fewer coils and reduced un-sprung weight, our coilover springs allow for more stroke, enhancing your vehicle's handling under diverse driving conditions. 
  • Precision Sizing: Featuring a universal spring ID of 65mm (2.5") and a length of 100mm (4"), these springs are designed to fit a wide array of performance setups, ensuring easy installation and a perfect fit. 
  • Customization At Its Best: Choose the spring rate that matches your driving style and requirements, with options ranging from 18.0 kgf/mm to 50.0 kgf/mm. Your comfort or performance setup is just a choice away. Unmatched 
  • Stroke Capacity: Benefit from an array of usable stroke options ranging from 52 mm to 36 mm and max stroke options from 55 mm to 43 mm, affording you the flexibility to fine-tune your ride's suspension to perfection.
Understanding Spring Rate
Discussing coilover springs for vehicles introduces us to the term "kgf/mm," a crucial measurement indicating the spring's stiffness. 

  • kgf: Represents kilogram-force, a unit that measures force. Imagine it as the amount of weight or force exerted. 
  • mm: Denotes millimeter, a unit of length. Thus, "kgf/mm" measures the force in kilograms required to compress the spring by one millimeter. 
Why is this significant? A higher kgf/mm value denotes a stiffer spring, requiring greater force to compress. This stiffness can enhance a car's handling during sharp turns or at high speeds but may lead to a rougher ride. Conversely, a spring with a lower kgf/mm value is softer, potentially offering a smoother ride but less precision in quick maneuvers. 

Choosing the right coilover spring involves considering the kgf/mm value to achieve the desired balance between handling and comfort. Those seeking a sportier driving experience might opt for springs with higher kgf/mm values, while those prioritizing comfort could prefer lower kgf/mm springs. Ultimately, it's about selecting the spring that aligns with your preferred driving experience.

Swift Springs Metric Coilover Springs

SSU-Z65-102-180 18.0 1008 52 2.0 56 2.2
SSU-Z65-102-200 20.0 1120 50 2.0 55 2.2
SSU-Z65-102-220 22.0 1232 48 1.9 55 2.2
SSU-Z65-102-240 24.0 1344 48 1.9 53 2.1
SSU-Z65-102-260 26.0 1456 47 1.9 52 2.0
SSU-Z65-102-280 28.0 1568 45 1.8 52 2.0
SSU-Z65-102-300 30.0 1680 45 1.8 50 2.0
SSU-Z65-102-320 32.0 1792 44 1.7 50 2.0
SSU-Z65-102-340 34.0 1904 43 1.7 49 1.9
SSU-Z65-102-380 38.0 2128 40 1.6 47 1.9
SSU-Z65-102-420 42.0 2352 38 1.5 44 1.7
SSU-Z65-102-460 46.0 2576 38 1.5 44 1.7
SSU-Z65-102-500 50.0 2800 36 1.4 43 1.7

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