Building or refreshing your Honda B16A/B18C engine? Then, make sure you extract every bit of performance from it with the Supertech Black Nitride Intake Valve Set. This intake valve set is available in sets of 8 and in standard or +0.5mm sizes. These intake valves are meticulously crafted for each specific application, not just finished from generic blanks. Supertech conducts rigorous testing and research to enhance airflow and ensure optimal performance. The standard size valve is dished and oversized is flat. 

Supertech's valve design prioritizes durability, offering higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength. Each valve tip is hardened beyond 52HRc for maximum longevity. With strict dimensional tolerances and precision-finished seats, Supertech intake valves provide an unmatched sealing and performance solution. The valves also feature a Superfinished stem, reducing surface roughness to one-third of that of chrome-coated valves, resulting in superior performance and durability. This meticulous production process, from forging to Superfinishing, ensures that Supertech valves are free of imperfections and precisely dimensioned for peak performance.  

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