SpeedFactory H-beam Long Connecting Rods are made to clear the factory sleeves & girdle – no notching required! In addition, they are longer than standard rods, meaning compression will be raised by around 1 point (see details below). These rods are lightweight, strong, and pair excellently with Vitara pistons. 

Build yourself a D-series up to 500HP without breaking the bank. Compression is raised to a suitable level for NA or boosted applications which really wakes up an otherwise lazy setup. SpeedFactory Racing has shown in countless street engines that 400HP can be achieved fairly easily on pump gas. 

The connecting rods are forged from 4340 chromoly, providing outstanding durability. Each rod is CNC machined, magnafluxed, heat treated, and shot-peened to relieve stress in the metal. Dual under pin oiling holes provide ample lubrication for the small-end. Precision alignment dowels are used to correctly locate the rod caps, maintain big-end bore size, and eliminate cap walk. The rods feature bronze alloy pin bushings for floating wrist pins and come standard with 220,000 psi rated 3/8” ARP2000 rod bolts.

Instructions and ARP Lube are included. 

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