For high-level drag racing, moving the fuel tank to the front is often a consideration as it provides several benefits. This is especially true for FWD applications as a front mounted fuel cell will shift the weight distribution bias toward the front, allowing for more grip. In addition, overall weight is reduced by removing the OEM fuel tank, lines, etc.

Fabricating a one-off piece is costly and time consuming, car builders needed an off-the-shelf solution. The issue was that there was no such tank readily available on the market.

To fill the void, the team at SpeedFactory Racing developed a tank that mounts on the left side of the frame rail but also offers many performance & safety benefits.   

  • A billet screw-on fill cap with integrated high-flow roll-over vent valve ensures no vacuum/pressure builds up and prevents fuel spillage in the event of an accident - a safety feature that is often overlooked. During normal operation, the fill cap provides convenient refueling in between runs. A straight fill neck allows for easy filling & viewing of the fuel level 
  • Female -12AN ORB feed fitting connects to an internal pickup tube designed to collect clean, non-aerated fuel from the bottom of the cell. This design reduces cavitation that may be caused by high g-force 
  • Female -12AN ORB return fitting is positioned to directly return fuel to the internal pickup tube to reduce the chance of cavitation when the fuel level is low.
  • ORB threaded inserts for the feed/return allow a reducer or expander to be used to appropriately size the fuel lines. Fittings can be easily switched out if they are damaged or worn, no cutting or rewelding required  
  • 2.2 gallon capacity provides enough fuel for thirsty turbo engines on methanol, yet isn’t overly heavy 
  • Optional pre-welded mounting tabs for easy installation. Alternatively, tabs are provided for installation by a fabricator   

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