As car enthusiasts we the SpeedFactory team always strive for the ultimate power and performance. And one of the most crucial components to achieve this goal is a racing muffler. While maximizing the potential of the engine by letting it breathe more easily, a quality muffler also lets other drivers hear and know that you drive the ultimate high performance weapon.
The SpeedFactory LT-5 (Lobster Tail, 5pc pie cut) Race Muffler is a straight through design round body muffler which minimizes exhaust restriction and maximizes power output with a 4" pie cut turn down style exhaust tip. These mufflers are designed and manufactured from polished T304 stainless steel and TIG welded to ensure high quality of the end product. Multi-layer high temp packing ensures long lasting performance, and a 6.0” diameter round body offers good sound suppression & fitment flexibility. The SpeedFactory logo is laser engraved on the tip.For ease of installation, the muffler inlet is flared to slip fit perfectly over your specified exhaust (outside diameter) pipe.

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