The Sparco R383 Champion Steering Wheel, Sparco's #1 selling steering wheel, is a stunning blend of style and performance presented in black perforated leather with contrasting red stitching and a vibrant red center stripe. This exquisitely crafted steering wheel caters to both street and track enthusiasts, delivering an unparalleled driving experience that seamlessly marries sophistication with functionality. While sharing the sleek aesthetics of the R323, the Sparco R383 Champion features a thicker grip, specifically designed to accommodate larger hands.

The Sparco R383 Champion becomes your top choice for versatile compatibility, effortlessly working with 6-bolt steering and boss hubs from trusted brands like Zestek Racing, NRG, and Circuit Hero. Whether you're navigating city streets or pushing your limits on the track, this steering wheel ensures a comfortable and controlled grip for a confident drive, making it ideal for those with larger hands seeking both style and functionality. With a 330mm measurement, the Sparco R383 Champion Steering Wheel strikes the perfect balance between precision control and effortless handling. A black horn button is included.   

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