After several revisions and a full season of racing, RV6 was finally ready to release a new downpipe to the public. Originally made for the FK8, this Catted Downpipe is compatible with many K20C-equipped Hondas/Acuras. Turbo engines need an unrestricted path to expel spent exhaust gasses. The K-series makes impressive power in factory form, but if more is required, as is normally the case, the exhaust system needs to be freed up. 

The downpipe is an area that should be addressed. The stock pipe is made of small tubing and has a highly restrictive catalytic converter. RV6 took this into account and used larger tubing and fitted a 300 Cell Cat - the amalgamation of which produces a smoother flowing, higher HP potential system.

Despite improved flow, this unit is overall less bulky than stock but retains factory fitment. 3D scanning and CAD modeling were used to ensure a perfect fit - even the factory heat shield was retained. This system will bolt up to the factory exhaust or any aftermarket pieces post-turbo. 

The downpipe is tucked in the engine bay and shrouded by a heat shield, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a show quality piece. RV6 cuts zero corners when building exhausts. This downpipe is full 304 stainless steel: the flanges, cast transition, cat, everything down to the heat shield mounts. The system is back purged before welding to ensure purity and long lasting strength.


  • 300 cell high temperature Cat
  • 304 stainless precision cast transition sections
  • All factory heatshield mounting points retained
  • 304 stainless 3.0” outlet
  • Argon back gassed for pure welds

300 Cell Sq. In.  

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