You asked and RV6 delivered. The RV6 R365 Red Turbo is a ball bearing version derived from the RV6’s highly developed Black Series turbo. Externally, the Red Series is identical to the Black, giving the same precise fitment for L15 equipped CivicX. The changes are internal with the Red Turbo getting a dual ball bearing cartridge providing 400RPM faster spool. The Red Series uses much of the same innovation that made the R365 Black such a success. 

This is the latest update to the R365 Series Turbo. It features a new compressor and turbine wheel for faster spool and more top end power. An inconel turbo wheel is used to cut down weight and reduce fatigue from heat cycles. This is paired with a lightweight billet compressor wheel to maximize spool characteristics.  

This turbo will require thicker 0W-30 or 5W-30 oil. The reason is that running increased boost pressures on a small frame turbocharger puts significant load on the thrust bearing. The thicker oil will offer better production to the turbo and engine at higher boost levels.

Note: Professional installation recommended. Custom tuning required.


  • Direct drop in design
  • Optimized housings made from scratch 
  • Fast spooling ball bearing cartridge 
  • Light weight billet compressor wheel
  • Inconel Alloy Turbine wheel
  • Optimized FEA analysis design

Inducer - 50.38mm
Exducer - 68mm
Blades - 5+5
Inducer 47mm
Exducer 41.4mm
Blades - 9
A/R 0.5  

Install Guide:

Torque Specs

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