Turbocharged engines need an unobstructed path to expel gases after the turbo has worked its magic. With this in mind, RV6 set out to build a downpipe & front pipe that would let the 1.5T breathe, all while retaining a catalytic converter. To achieve this, they opted for 3” 304 stainless tubing. The entire system was designed using full radius bends for an optimized, turbulence-free flow. For maximum flow characteristics, the transition from turbo to tube was designed using advanced flow analysis. The transition is made from a 304 stainless casting.

Optimal flow would be a moot point if the exhaust system didn’t have exceptional fit & finish. The entire system was designed using the latest CAD/CMM modeling for an extremely precise fit. Every joint is TIG welded by hand, with the system being back purged for purity.

The system has all the amenities 10th gen Civic owners require: V-band flanges & a USA made Clampco V-band that secures downpipe to front pipe, a 300 cell high temperature cat, and a flex section to relieve stress from the system. 

Note: Processing takes an additional 7 to 14 business days for ceramic coating.


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