The Retro Flywheel provides a solution for L15B7 engines needing an upgraded clutch. It converts the factory-type clutch to the style found in a 17+ FK8 Civic Type R (K20C1) - a 400FT/LB of torque capable unit. In addition, users have the option of upgrading to any aftermarket FK8 clutch. This allows for a clutch upgrade while lightening the flywheel. 

RV6 flywheels are the correct balance between revs and inertia. Having a light flywheel pairs well with a small, snappy engine, such as the 1.5T; it gives the potential for fast rev-matches and produces fewer parasitic losses from the driveline. However, going too light runs into other issues. RV6 could have carved out a few more OZs from this flywheel, but doing so would result in the factory ECU thinking there’s a misfire and throwing a code - less than ideal for passing inspections. Not to mention, super-light flywheels, like the ones seen in motorsports, detract from driveability. The lack of inertia makes it hard to take off from a dead stop. Ever heard a race car struggling to take off from the pits?

Pair it with the optimal clutch. The Retro Flywheel works with the OEM FK8 or any aftermarket clutch and pressure plate. The OEM clutch is more than enough for most users and will provide the driveability of a stock clutch with performance of a light flywheel. The goal is to improve performance while maintaining factory comfort. 

Need something stronger? There’s tons of aftermarket support in the form of clutch kits; pair the Retro Flywheel with one that will meet your power demands. 

42% Lighter Than Factory 
Retains Pilot Bushing for Input Shaft

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