The RV6 R365 Black Turbo is a journal bearing turbo with the power curve and boost characteristics of a ball bearing GTX2860 GEN 2, while maintaining the resilience of a journal bearing turbo. Oversized journal and thrust bearings are used to give durability under high loads. An inconel turbo wheel cuts down weight and reduces fatigue from high temperatures. On a test vehicle, the result was 345whp @ 27.5psi on E30 before the MAP sensor and fuel system were maxed out. 

RV6 tested several turbine and compressor wheels and found this setup to be optimal. It can max out the factory fuel system before running into compressor surge/choke, often causing excess vibration and premature failures.

This turbo will require thicker 0W-30 or 5W-30 oil. The reason is that running increased boost pressures on a small frame turbocharger puts significant load on the thrust bearing. The thicker oil will offer better production to the turbo and engine at this boost level.

This is the latest update to the R365 Series Turbo. It features a new compressor and turbine wheel for faster spool and more top end power. 

Note: Professional installation recommended. Custom tuning required.


  • Direct drop in design
  • Optimized housings made from scratch  
  • Oversized journal bearing
  • Oversized thrust bearing for high loads
  • Light weight billet compressor wheel
  • Inconel Alloy Turbine wheel
  • Optimized FEA analysis design

Inducer - 50.38mm
Exducer - 68mm
Blades - 5+5

Inducer 47mm
Exducer 41.4mm
Blades - 9
A/R 0.5  

Install Guide:

Torque Specs

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