The Rago Fabrication 3rd Gen Tacoma Endeavor Rear Window Molle Storage Panels are the ultimate solution for efficient storage and easy access to gear during your adventures. Crafted from durable 1/8" Cold Rolled Steel, these panels are built to endure the harshest terrains with ease. Offering versatile mounting options, including Quick-Fists, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and more, this advanced design empowers you to customize your setup to suit your needs perfectly. What sets this system apart is its innovative removable center panel, granting effortless access to your rear window whenever necessary. 

Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal drilling—simply utilize your OEM holes for the top mounts and drill small holes for the bottom mounts. Engineered with quality and strength in mind, these panels come powder-coated in textured black, ensuring both resilience and aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel hardware is included for added durability, guaranteeing lasting performance on every journey. Compatible with 3rd-gen Tacomas, the Rago Fabrication Endeavor Rear Window Molle Storage Panels are the epitome of practicality and reliability for your off-road endeavors.  

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