PTP Turbo Blankets BMW N54 SR-Glass Manifold Turbo Blanket Set is meticulously engineered to effectively contain and manage the heat generated by your turbocharger and manifold, offering a comprehensive solution to under-hood thermal management. This set serves multiple purposes, including reducing turbo lag, lowering air intake temperatures, and safeguarding essential under-hood components, providing an impressive up to 60% reduction in under-hood heat. Additionally, it contributes to a horsepower boost. These blankets enhance turbocharger and engine efficiency by maintaining the heat of exhaust gases within the turbocharger and manifold. They ensure that exhaust gas heat remains confined to the turbocharger's hot side and manifold, preventing it from reaching the cooler and intake paths. This preservation of engine efficiency allows more oxygen per unit volume to reach the engine, resulting in increased power output. 

Crafted with an outer layer crafted from pulverized volcanic lava rock woven into a tight mesh weave and internally insulated with high-temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool, the PTP Lava Turbo and Manifold Blanket Set is overlaid with a high-temperature stainless steel mesh for enhanced durability and thermal resistance, capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Each set is meticulously handcrafted in North America, ensuring top-notch quality. 

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