This Rotary air control valve gasket (part number 16456-PND-A01), also known as the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) gasket, is a genuine OEM Honda part. It is used in the K20 throttle body from 2002-2006, drive by cable models. 
This gasket is used to seal the air control valve and prevent air from leaking. 16456-PND-A01 is essential in regulating airflow into the intake manifold through the throttle body. It helps control the engine's performance and fuel economy. However, this gasket can wear out over time and cause air to leak, resulting in poor engine performance or increased fuel consumption.
If you are experiencing idle problems, it may be time to replace this gasket. Before replacing more expensive components, consider replacing the rotary air control valve gasket, as it may fix your problem for less money
We recommend using genuine OEM Honda parts to ensure proper fit and function. 

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