The perfect balance 

We set out to make a shifter that improves upon Honda’s already praiseworthy design. Our 4-link wishbone rocker allows extremely short and accurate movements while keeping the shifter cables at their optimum angle. This results in a shifter that firmly clicks into gear during rapid shifts but isn’t cumbersome to use during normal conditions. An internal spring delivers constant resistance for every gear change. 

Tailor your driving experience  

The Civic Type-R has a fairly short throw as-is, our shifter allows the user to reduce this by up to 20% (beyond this point will make it difficult to find gears). Besides shift throw, we wanted users to be able to tailor the shift knob position to their liking. All Short Shifters are height adjustable, along with an offset attachment that allows the knob to be rotated 360°, bringing it closer or farther from the steering wheel.    

Unmatched quality  

Hybrid Racing’s shifter for 10th Gen Civic Type-R goes through the most stringent design and quality tests. The laser-cut and robotically welded steel frame is made as light as possible while being able to withstand years of abuse without fatigue. The entire shifter is built with fewer parts, meaning less chance of failures or issues. A proprietary three-step finishing process is used to ensure all our billet aluminum parts look as good as they function. Backed by our Racer’s Guarantee 2-Year Warranty there is no excuse why you would choose anything else! 

Shifter Cables

To get the most out of your shifter, Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables replace the OEM cables with improvements from end to end. Solid rod ends, permanently lubricated core, and aluminum end links give them a firmer, tighter feel over the OEM. This provides greater feedback to the driver for a more intimate connection with the transmission. 

Other notable features include upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (OEM are plastic) known to break on the factory cables. All of the rod ends and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum, then anodized black before being laser etched with the Hybrid Racing logo for style. 

What is included with these shifter cables?

The kit comes with two shifter cables; each set includes two cotter pins and clips for the shifter end. We also include new hardware for the shifter cable mounting plates that attach to the transmission bracket. You will reuse your OEM center bracket and cable seal.     

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