The Hondata FK8 Civic Type R fuel system upgrade consists of hardware and software components designed to deliver 24% more fuel flow over the stock fuel system. This system enables the Civic Type R to take the next logical step for a reliable, well-engineered, and thoroughly tested power increase.

The kit includes:

  • High flow ethanol rated low-pressure fuel line
  • Highflow direct injection fuel pump
  • High flow high-pressure fuel line
  • High-flow fuel injectors
  • Precision Hondata FlashPro software control
  • Multiple calibrations starting with an increase of 90 lb-ft torque and 57 hp over stock with intercooler and high flow cat. (Flashpro Required)
Does not include an in-tank pump! 

The first 3 dyno charts have the matching calibrations in FlashPro Manager calibrations. All these cars run stock short blocks and heads. All engines are currently in perfect running condition.

91 octane with bolt-ons. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager

91 octane with 46% flex fuel, bolt ons. This engine has been daily driven for the past 18 months at this power and torque level. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager.

Full Race Turbo, E40 flex fuel, bolt ons. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager

Full Race turbo, Race Fuel, full bolt ons 507 hp. This is an indication of power potential in the hands of a good tuner.

Full Race turbo, Q16 race fuel, full bolt ons, 550 hp. This calibration is not included with FlashPro Manager. This is an indication of power potential in the hands of a good tuner.

Install Guide:

View Install Guide HERE

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