The Hawk Performance RSX Type S, Civic Si, S2000 HPS 5.0 Street Front Brake Pads are engineered to redefine your street driving experience with uncompromising performance and reliability. They are meticulously crafted to excel in street conditions, providing you with unparalleled confidence and control on every drive. With their aggressive torque, the HPS 5.0 Street Front Brake Pads deliver exceptional stopping power, allowing you to navigate through traffic with ease while ensuring your safety on the road. Experience prolonged rotor and pad wear life, thanks to their advanced formulation, which enhances the durability of your braking system, reducing maintenance costs in the long run. Designed to deliver high deceleration rates, they ensure swift and reliable braking performance, empowering you to tackle challenging driving scenarios with confidence. However, it's important to note that these are not compatible with carbon ceramic rotors, but rather optimized for Iron/Metal rotors, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Width 5.32" 
Height 2.07"
Thickness .16" 

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