The Hawk Performance 17-21 Honda Civic Type R HPS Street Front Brake Pads are engineered to enhance your street driving experience with exceptional performance and reliability. They are meticulously crafted to excel in everyday driving conditions, providing you with the confidence and control needed for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Designed to be gentle on rotors, the HPS Street Front Brake Pads ensure extended pad life while preserving the integrity of your braking system. This rotor-friendly design not only reduces maintenance costs but also enhances the durability of your braking system, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. The pads ensure a seamless transition between braking and acceleration for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. With increased stopping power, these brake pads offer improved performance, allowing you to confidently navigate through traffic and emergencies with ease and safety.

Width 5.19"
Height 3.04"
Thickness .15"

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