Unlock unparalleled braking performance with Hawk Performance 06+ Honda Civic Si HPS Street Front Brake Pads. Compatible with 2006-11 Civic Si, 2000-09 Honda S2000, and 2002-06 Acura RSX Type S, these pads are engineered to elevate your driving experience.

These pads are designed for street use and deliver a smooth braking feel, making them ideal for spirited driving. They are gentle on rotors, ensuring an extended pad life while maintaining consistent brake release characteristics. You can expect reliable performance in diverse driving conditions with increased stopping power and low noise and dust levels.

Crafted with a unique Ferro-Carbon compound, these pads offer high friction and torque, whether hot or cold. They provide a medium initial response and high modulation, allowing precise control over your braking. Plus, they minimize rotor wear, ensuring both safety and longevity.  

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