The Hasport Leaning mount kit is a high-performance option for those seeking more clearance for big turbos and intake systems. The performance mount kit for the K-Series engine swaps into the 92-95 Civic / 94-01 Integra makes swapping the K-Series engine a bolt-in procedure.

This kit is a new take on the popular drag setup that leans the K-series engine forward, providing more clearance for big turbos and improving intake systems on those running individual throttle bodies. Hasport's patent-pending dual-height engine mounts keep the head in the same location, ensuring that headers, intakes, and turbo kits will fit the same if you use the K20 or K24.

The redesigned brackets make this kit much more street-friendly by changing the angle of the mounts so the urethane can perform as it was designed to. This kit is designed to work with K20A and K20Z transmissions. It will not work with K24 transmissions.

Bushing Stiffness Options

Hasport engine mounts are available in four urethane hardness levels: 62A, 70A, 88A, and 6061 solid aluminum.

  • 62A polyurethane is suitable for a streetcar and offers a ride quality closer to stock. It transfers less engine vibration to the chassis for a more comfortable ride.
  • 70A polyurethane is for the customer who seeks to drive their build on the track occasionally.
  • The 88A and 94A are Hasport's stiffest polyurethane bushings, designed for dedicated track use.

Keep in mind that the stiffer the bushing, the more vibration will be transferred into the chassis. Higher durometer bushings are not recommended for street cars as they will put more strain on all other car components.

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