Hasport Performance K-Series Engine Mount Kit for 96-00 Civic

The Hasport EKK mount kit is designed to provide a bolt-in solution for those looking to swap a K-series engine for a 96-00 Civic using the stock subframe. This mount kit positions the engine slightly farther forward in the engine bay compared to the kit that uses the DC2 subframe. This mount kit positions the motor in the ideal location for the swap, providing better clearance and axle alignment.

When installing a more powerful engine than the one that originally came in your civic, it is essential to have engine mounts that can support it. Investing in a mount kit that can handle the added power is crucial, as it is a waste of time to go through the trouble of putting a more powerful engine into your car when you cannot put that power down. This mount kit does just that by preventing traction loss by eliminating wheel hop.

If you are look for the Hasport mount kit that uses the DC2 subframe you can find it here: HAS-EKK2

Transmission Compatibly

  • EKK1: RSX and 02-11 Civic Si manual transmissions
  • EKK3: 03-07 Accord and 04-08 TSX manual transmission
  • EKK6: 08-13 Accord, 09-14 TSX and 12-15 Civic Si manual transmission also works with the K-series CRV and Element AWD or FWD manual transmissions

Bushing Stiffness Options

Hasport engine mounts are available in four different urethane hardness levels: 62A, 70A, 88A, and 6061 solid aluminum.

  • 62A polyurethane is suitable for a streetcar and offers a ride quality closer to stock, as it will transfer less engine vibration to the chassis for a more comfortable ride.
  • 70A polyurethane is for the customer that seeks to occasionally drive their build on the track.
  • 88A is the stiffest polyurethane bushing that Hasport offers and is designed with dedicated track use in mind.
  • Engine mounts can also be purchased with solid 6060 aluminum for those seeking to build the extreme track dedicated car.

Keep in mind the stiffer the bushing the more vibration will be transferred into the chassis. Higher durometers bushings are not recommended for street cars as it will put more strain on all other components on the car.

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