DC Sports Y pipe for the 350Z/370Z/G35/G37 is constructed from premium 2.5" Stainless steel mandrel bent piping. Tig welded and mated to CNC machined flanges, this will bolt directly to your OEM equipment, making installation quick and easy. The larger diameter piping allows for increased exhaust flow, leading to improved performance. Our Y-pipe eliminates the factory flex section, removing the risk of leaking flex sections while improving ground clearance.   

Install Guide:

1. Place car on even ground and securely place 4 jack stands under it. 
2. Remove six (6) 10 nuts from OEM y pipe. Remove OEM y pipe. 
STEP 3 ONLY APPLIES TO 03-08 350z/G35. If installing on G37, 370Z or Q60 please skip this step. 
3. Using 10mm socket and flathead screwdriver, remove both lower panels. 
4. Install RM-CB60 Gaskets over OEM catalytic converter studs. (if studs are broken, they can be punched out and replaced with our hardware) 
5. Install DC Sports Y Pipe, beginning with the passenger side flange and working the pipe towards the driver side flange. Do not tighten hardware yet. 
6. Install RM-CB67 gasket onto rear of y pipe and mate to your exhaust using our hardware. 
7. Make sure all nuts & bolts are tight and no parts of exhaust touches the body of car, heat shields or fuel tank. 
8. Double check all your work  

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