Quickly bolt on some serious style and aggressive sound with a DC Sports Muffler Delete System. Made from mandrel bent T-304 Stainless Steel our exhaust systems are designed to ensure optimal exhaust flow and maximum performance gains that will last! All kits include necessary hardware and comprehensive instructions for a quick, direct and painless install.  

Install Guide:

  1. Locate a flat surface and place the car on jack stands. 
2. Locate and remove two (2) OEM nuts holding the exhaust to the OEM Y pipe. 
 3. Locate and remove two (2) nuts holding the exhaust pipe together. Be careful with the ground cable. 
4. Lubricate all exhaust hangers and carefully dislodge exhaust system from hangers. ***we recommend using an exhaust hanger removal tool*** 
5. Install gasket and primary pipe and tighten bolts. Slide the exhaust clamp onto the end of the pipe. 
6. Install secondary pipe. Make sure slip fit sits properly, set exhaust tip at desired location and tighten exhaust clamp. 
7. Install OEM rubber hangers on to muffler sections. 
8. Place the ground cable onto the exhaust clamp and use provided nut to tighten it down. 
9. If needed loosen clamps and readjust tip until desired location is reached. 
10. USING HOT SOAP AND WATER THOROUGHLY CLEAN ENTIRE EXHUAST SYTEM TO CLEAR IT OF ANY HANDPRINTS, OIL, & DEBRIS. DC Sports will not warranty finish of piping due to lack of proper clean up before starting up. 

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