The DC Sports Short Ram Intake System for your 17-21 Kia Stinger 2.0L is designed to increase performance and improve throttle response. We replace your restrictive, brittle, OEM rubber intake pipe with smooth mandrel-bent aluminum tubing and pair it with a DC Sports high flow, performance air filter. This allows for increased airflow, cooler air ingestion, and reduced intake air temps.  

Install Guide:

  1. Disconnect battery terminals 
2. Remove two (2) 12 mm bolts holding strut bar 
3. Remove the three (3) hoses going into the intake tube 
4. Loosen clamps that goes from the rubber intake tube to the intake box and the throttle body and gently pull it out. 
5. Remove the three (3) 10 mm screws holding the intake box to the car and pull intake box off car. 
6. Locate the two (2) 10mm bolts securing the air duct and remove air duct from car. 
7. Install rubber on heat shield. The thin rubber goes on the bottom of the heat shield while the thick one goes on the top 
 8. Install heat shield on vehicle. Use two (2) 10 mm screws that you previously removed for this install. 
9. Assemble the intake tube by installing the filter kit and the coupler. Use clamps to secure everything 
10. Install intake onto car. Tighten down clamp from coupler to throttle body 
11. Install the three (3) hoses onto the intake tube. Use the O.E. clamps 
12. Install the strut bar back. 
13. Double check your work! Make sure that you have no interference issue, clamps and hardware are tight.  

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