The DC Sports Short Ram Intake System for your 2010-2013 Mazda 3 is designed to increase performance and improve throttle response. We replace your restrictive, brittle, OEM rubber intake pipe with smooth mandrel-bent aluminum tubing and pair it with a DC Sports high flow, performance air filter. This allows for increased airflow, cooler air ingestion, and reduced intake air temps. Every DC Sports intake kit comes with all the needed hardware for installation and requires absolutely no modification or cutting.  

Install Guide:

  1. Locate and remove 10mm bolt securing the OEM air box to the radiator support bracket. 
2. Locate and remove the OEM hard air line attached to the OEM intake rubber tube. 
3. Carefully unclip the harness attached to the OEM MAF sensor. 
4. Remove the two phillips screws securing the MAF sensor to the OEM air box. 
5. Remove MAF sensor from air box and set aside. 
6. Carefully remove factory hard plastic air duct attached to the factory air box. 
7. Locate and loosen clamp securing the OEM rubber intake tube to the throttle body. 
8. Carefully remove OEM air box and intake tube from vehicle by gently pulling upwards. 
9. Remove the 10mm bolt securing the bracket to the radiator assembly. This is the same bracket that secured the OEM air box. Remove bracket from vehicle. 
10. Loosely install provided 2.75” coupler with clamps onto the throttle body. Tighten only the clamp towards the throttle body at this time. 11. Carefully reinstall the OEM MAF sensor onto the DC Sports intake tube and use provided allen screws. 
12. Install provided 2.75” DC Sports air filter onto the intake tube and tighten clamps. 
13. Carefully install the DC Sports intake assembly into the throttle body coupler. Please make sure that the intake is at its most natural fitment position clear from rubbing etc. 
14. Tighten clamp to secure the intake tube from the throttle body. 
15. Install provided 10mm silicone vacuum hose onto the intake tube nipple. 
16. Reattach the OEM hard vacuum line onto the silicone hose that was just installed. 
17. Reattach the harness into the OEM MAF sensor. 
18. Installation is now complete please make sure to readjust the intake tube as needed for best fitment and tighten down all clamps.  

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