The DC Sports Short Ram Intake System for your 04-07 Scion xB is designed to increase performance and improve throttle response, all while remaining 50 State C.A.R.B compliant. We replace your restrictive, brittle, OEM rubber intake pipe with smooth mandrel-bent aluminum tubing and pair it with a DC Sports high flow, performance air filter. This allows for increased airflow, cooler air ingestion, and reduced intake air temps. You can install our kit with the comfort of knowing your intake system will meet emissions standards anywhere in the USA. Every DC Sports intake kit comes with all the needed hardware for installation and requires absolutely no modification or cutting.  

Install Guide:

1. Locate and remove four 10mm bolts securing the plastic engine cover and remove. 
2. Remove engine cover from vehicle. 
3. Unplug the mass air flow sensor harness. 
4. Unclip the vacuum switching solenoid. “VSS” 
5. Unclip the harness zip tie from the OEM intake tube. 
6. Remove the crankcase breather hose from the valve cover and on the OEM intake tube.
 7. On the throttle body loosen clamp securing the OEM intake tube. 
8. Unclip the top half of the OEM air box from the lower half. 
9. Remove the upper half section of the OEM air box from vehicle. 
10. Remove OEM air filter. 
11. On the OEM air duct locate and remove one 10mm bolt securing the duct from chassis. 
12. Locate three 10mm bolts securing the lower half of the OEM air box to the chassis. 
13. Remove lower section OEM air box from vehicle. 
14. Disconnect battery and remove. Starting by loosening up the negative terminal then do the same to the positive terminal, loosen battery tie down and remove. 
15. Install the provided L bracket with nut and washer into the OEM air box location. 
16. Install the vacuum switching solenoid onto the L bracket. “For 2006-up models please refer to next steps” 16a Unplug harness from the vacuum switching solenoid. 16b Remove vacuum hoses from the vacuum switching solenoid. 16c Remove the vacuum switching solenoid from OEM air box. 16d Use the provided screw and attach the vacuum switching solenoid to the L bracket. 
17. Carefully slip on the 2.25” straight hose coupler onto the throttle body and use install the two clamps provided. Only tighten down the clamp on the throttle body side at this time. 
18. Install the air filter onto the DC Sports intake tube. 
19. Remove the mass air sensor from the OEM air box. 
20. Install the mass air flow sensor onto the DC Sports intake tube with the two screws provided. 
21. Carefully slide the intake tube into the fender well. Notice the welded bracket install the vibration mount onto the battery tray. 
22. Align the intake pipe into the coupler on the throttle body and align bracket to the vibration mount. 
23. Tighten remaining the clamp on the throttle body. 
24. Secure the welded bracket onto the vibration mount with provided washer and nut. 
25. Plug the harness into the mass air flow sensor. 
26. Reinstall the car battery in reverse order it was removed as in step #14 
27. Install the 15.9mm vacuum hose onto the crankcase breather vent and the DC Sports intake tube.
 28. Install the engine cover. 
29. Installation is now complete please double check all work performed.  

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