DC Sports CS-2 Front Upper Strut Bar is a quick and easy way to improve the handling of your 15-20 Acura TLX. Tying together both strut towers allows for significantly reduced chassis flex and improved handling around corners and over uneven roads. Unlike multi-piece aluminum strut bars that need to be constantly readjusted and retightened, DC Sports Struts Bars incorporate a single-piece, steel design. This design ensures precise fitment that eliminates the need for retightening or adjustment in the future.  

Install Guide:

1. With the car set on the ground, remove four (4) 10 mm nuts securing OEM strut reinforcement brace. 
2. Remove two (2) 8 mm nuts securing strut brace to the strut mount. 
3. Remove the OEM strut reinforcement brace. STEPS 4&5 ONLY APPLY TO 4CYL APPLICATIONS 
4. Loosen clamp holding down intake sound tube and gently lift to remove. 
5. Insert provided plug and retighten the oem clamp. 
6. Locate the bracket that holds the AC line to the passenger shock tower. Remove the one (1) 6mm bolt. This bold will be reused.
7. Install strut bar 
8. Tighten all four (4) 10mm nuts (Torque: 4.4 kg-m, 32 lb-ft). 
9. Tighten down two (2) 8mm nuts (Torque to 28lb-ft) 
10. Using provide bracket and hardware reinstall the AC line retaining bracket. 

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