DC Sports CS-2 Front Upper Strut Bar is a quick and easy way to improve the handling of your 13-17 Hyundai Veloster. Tying together both strut tower allows for significantly reduced chassis flex and improved handling around corners and over uneven roads. Unlike multi piece aluminum strut bars that need to be constantly readjusted and retightened, DC Sports Struts Bars incorporate a single piece, steel design. This design ensures precise fitment that eliminates the need for retightening or adjustment in the future.  

Install Guide:

  1. Remove caps from windshield wiper arms, then remove the 14mm nuts underneath. Note the orientation of the wiper arms, mark them or take a picture if necessary to insure they go back on the same way. Carefully wiggle loose the wiper arms and remove them.
2. Locate the four (4) pins holding the cowl down. Gently push down on the center of the pins to release them. 
3. Locate windshield wiper fluid hose and remove. This will be on the left side of the engine bay near the passenger fender. 
4. Carefully remove cowl. 
5. With the car on the ground, losen the three (3) 14 mm nuts on each strut tower. Only two (2) from each side will be completely removed. 
6. Loosely reinstall the original shock tower nuts. Tighten the shock tower nuts (Torque: 27 N·m (20 ft.lbs.) torque.). 
7. Re-install cowl, wiper fluid hose, and wiper arms. 
8. Ensure that the DC Sports Carbon Steel Strut Tower Bar does not interfere with any parts of the vehicle. 

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