DC Sports Single Exit Catback Exhaust System for the 2015-2021 Subaru WRX/STI is here to unlock your vehicle’s performance and sound. Made from T-304 Stainless Steel, mandrel bent piping, being carefully assembled and tig welded by hand guarantees fitment and reduces the risk of failure.DC Sports 15-21 WRX/STI Catback system utilizes 3" (76mm) brushed piping, our high gloss canister muffler, and a 4.5” single wall tip, available in Polished or Burnt finish. Giving your vehicle a unique look and aggressive exhaust note. No other kit on the market will provides as much ground clearance as this DC Sports exhaust offers. This added ground clearance reduces the risk of damage due to harsh or uneven road conditions.  All this while quickly and easily bolting directly to your OEM equipment in minutes.   

Install Guide:

  1. Utilizing a flat work area (preferably on concrete), jack up the car and support the car on jack stands under the frame support points (Refer to your owner’s manual). DO NOT USE THE JACK TO SUPPORT THE CAR WHILE WORKING UNDERNEATH! 
2. Remove the two nuts holding the exhaust pipe to the Catalytic Converter pipe and the nuts holding the y pipe to the muffler pipes 
 3. Using an exhaust hanger removal tool remove the rubber hanger holding the muffler pipe to the car. This is located just in front of the rear differential. 
4. Use the exhaust hanger removal tool to remove the 2-rubber hangers holding the muffler pipes to the car. 
5. Install DC Sports mid pipe onto the Catalytic Converter pipe. Make sure to use provided gasket and hardware. Hand tighten hardware for now. Slide exhaust hanger onto the end of pipe. 
6. Install the secondary mid pipe onto the first mid pipe. Insert rubber hanger onto secondary mid pipe hanger. Make sure pipe is not contacting rear differential. Slide exhaust clamp onto the end of the pipe. 
7. Install muffler piece onto car by inserting the hangers onto rubber hangers and making sure the exhaust pipe slips into the secondary mid pipe. 
8. Tighten down hardware from mid pipe to Catalytic Converter pipe. 
9. Make sure mid pipes or muffler piece do not rub on anything and tighten down exhaust clamps. Start with the clamp closes to the front of the car. 
10. RECHECK ALL YOUR WORK. If exhaust system looks off loosen clamps and adjust. Tighten clamps back down afterward. 
11. Lower the car off the jack stands and start the engine and check for exhaust leaks. 
12. After approximately 500 miles (800km) re-check the exhaust system bolts and nuts and tighten as necessary  

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