Looking to add some serious style and an aggressive exhaust note to your ride? Look no further than the DC Sports Muffler Delete System. As car enthusiasts, we can confidently say that this system is a game-changer.Made from mandrel bent T-304 Stainless Steel, our exhaust systems are designed with performance in mind. With optimal exhaust flow, you can expect maximum performance gains that will last. Plus, installation is a breeze with comprehensive instructions and all the necessary hardware included. No need to worry about a painful or drawn-out installation process.At DC Sports, we value both style and performance, and we know our customers do too. That's why we've designed this system to be both sleek and growling, making a statement wherever you go. We believe in providing high-quality products that are easy to install and offer lasting performance improvements. So why wait? Upgrade your ride today with the DC Sports Muffler Delete System and experience the power and style you've been looking for!  

Install Guide:

  1. On a flat level surface get the car on jack stands. 
2. Loosen and remove two (2) m10 bolts and springs from exhaust flange 
3. Using an exhaust hanger removal tool, carefully release all four (4) rubber exhaust hangers form the exhaust system and remove exhaust system. 
4. Locate and remove four (4) clips that secure drive side under body panel  remove under panel. Repeat on passenger side. *** Some vehicles do not have these under panels, if that is the case for your vehicles you can skip this step*** 
5. Locate Remove three (4) clips and two (2) Philips head screw securing OEM rear valance. 
6. Very carefully push down on lower part of retaining clips to release the rear valance form the bumper. Move from left to right while pulling inwards on the valance to release it. 
7. Using OEM hardware and rubber hanger install SCS4610 front pipe. Leave hardware hand tight. 
8. Install SCS4610 secondary pipe with OEM rubber hanger. ***Do not forget to place clamps over the slip fit joint before installing. ***
 9. Slip SCS4610 muffler section over secondary pipe. You will need to gently pull down on the secondary pipe to get the muffler section on. ***Do not forget to place clamps over the slip fit joint before installing. *** 
10. Now go back and fully tighten the OEM spring bolts. 
11. Make sure to that muffler height on the muffler tips are even then tighten down both exhaust clamps. If tips are not completely lined up, loosen clamps, re center the muffler and retighten clamps. 
12. Thoroughly clean all oil residue, debris, and fingerprints from exhaust piping, muffler, and tips before starting up.  

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