DC Sports Midpipe 2017-2021 Kia Stinger 2.0L is available in both 2.5" & 3" T-304 Stainless steel mandrel bent piping. Tig welded and mated to CNC machined flanges, this will bolt directly to your OEM equipment, making installation quick and easy. The larger diameter piping allows for increased, unrestricted exhaust flow, leading to improved performance and sound. Every DC Sports Exhaust System includes all necessary installation hardware.  

Install Guide:

  1. Place the car on a flat level surface and put the car safely on jack stands. 
2. Make sure exhaust system is cool to the touch. 
3. Remove two (2) M10 bolts that connect down pipe to midpipe. 
4. Remove two (2) M10 bolts that secure the midpipe mounting bracket to the transmission. 
5. Remove two (2) M10 bolts that hold the midpipe and axleback together. Remove midpipe. 
6. Install provide RM-CBKMS20 Gasket onto downpipe. Mate the midpipe back to up the downpipe and hand thread the OEM nuts back on. 7. Install RM-CBKMS201 onto rear of the downpipe using provided hardware join the midpipe to the axleback. Go back and tighten up the two bolts one the downpipe 
8. Remove midpipe mounting bracket form OEM mipdipe. Using provide 15mm long hardware install mounting bracket to DC Sports Midpipe. 9. Double check all work.  

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