Introducing the apex of performance for Honda/Acura K20A/Z/K24A2 engines: the Brian Crower Stage 3 Camshafts. Engineered with precision from 8620 Billet, these camshafts represent the pinnacle of reliability and durability in high-performance applications. Featuring an Advance Duration of 314°/300°, Dur @ .050 of 250°/244°, and Valve Lift (1.75:1) of .525"/.518", these camshafts are meticulously crafted to extract maximum power and torque throughout the RPM range. Tailored for fully built engines with extensive modifications and high-compression pistons, they're designed to push the boundaries of performance on both the track and the street. Each kit requires upgraded valvetrain components such as dual valve springs, retainers, and seats, with upgraded valve keepers recommended for peak performance. Elevate your driving experience to unparalleled heights with the Brian Crower Stage 3 Camshafts and unleash the full potential of your Honda/Acura engine.  

Adv Dur - 314°/300°
Dur @ .050 - 250°/244°
Valve Lift (1.75:1) - .525"/.518"
Valve Lift (mm) - 13.34/13.15  

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