Blox Racing Vortex Generators work in tandem with an OEM or aftermarket wing to improve downforce. Sports sedans often have a steep rear windscreen, causing a condition where air prefers to travel straight backward off the roof, rather than following the contours of the vehicle. To get the most out of a spoiler or wing, air must travel down the back window and over the trunk lid. A vortex generator does just that – it encourages airflow over the rear lines of the car. 

The Mitsubishi Evo is one of few cars to feature a vortex generator from the factory. It is an iconic look; however, the OEM piece is too modest to boast noticeable performance gains. Blox Racing Vortex Generators increase downforce and look the part, because Blox believes you should be proud of aerodynamics! 

Direct-fit replacement of the OEM, 3M™ exterior mounting tape is recommended for installation.   

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