Blox Racing billet vacuum manifold blocks make a convenient way for you to run all the vacuum-based accessories you could ever want. You can power as many or as few components as you need, some might include gauges, aftermarket fuel pressure regulators (FPR), boost controllers, wastegates, etc.  

Turbo setups require all kinds of vacuum/boost reference signals. You’ll probably find there aren’t enough vacuum sources equipped from the factory, especially if your vehicle is originally NA. Give yourself all the vacuum ports you need without cluttering your engine bay with T-fittings. 

Surface Mount Vacuum Manifolds are made to bolt onto the Blox Racing v3 Intake Manifold for B-series (PN:BXIM-10200-V3). It can also be used as a universal part on any vehicle. 

Available anodized in a range of colors. 

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