Blox Racing's best-selling Street Series extended lug nuts are a popular choice in the auto industry. These lug nuts, constructed from AL7075 alloy, are not only durable and lightweight, but they also have an eye-catching anodized finish. They're perfect for daily driving needs, and even hold up well for those occasional track races.

These lug nuts are not only reliable for performance needs, but also highly sought after by car enthusiasts who focus on aesthetics, thanks to their excellent finish. The knurled ends ensure better grip, adding to their functionality.

Each lug nut is extended and made from forged AL7075 magnesium alloy. They come in 12x1.50mm and 12x1.25m thread pitches with a 19mm hex length. The knurled end measures 18.0mm, and the tapered seat is 25.3mm. For best performance, pair them with BLOX Racing Extended Wheel Studs.  

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