BLOX Racing's Mega Flow Oil Pickup Tube for the 2002-2005 WRX is a perfect solution for your build as a simple OEM replacement upgrade from stock and helps your vehicle handle the extreme G forces experienced on the track or in the harshest of environments as it's designed to improve the factory wet sump system.  The high G forces your car experiences under harsh driving conditions force the oil your engine needs to survive away from the pickup tube to the outside edges of the pan. These starvation events of the oil pickup tube allow aeration of your engines oil supply, quickly reducing the life of your bearings and oil cooled components, as well as deteriorating the oil pumps internals.  By improving the pickup design, we not only pick up more stable oil supply and keep more oil available to your engine, but also address the common failures of the weak factory pickup which can crack further reducing or eliminating the oil supply to the pump leading to catastrophic engine failure. OEM fitment and improved build quality + direct bolt-on installation means keeping your engines oil supply in check has never been easier. Mega Flow EJ20 Oil Pickup Tube Features: Digitally Pulsed TIG Welding Throughout 3x Thicker Tubing, 1/8” Thick Bracket Smooth Mandrel Bend Increases Oil Flow New O-Ring Provided OEM Spec. High Flow Screen Filter   APPLICATIONS: Subaru EJ20 Turbo Motors with OEM Oil Pan

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