Wiring can be the most daunting part of a project, Blox simplifies the process with their ECU Jumper Harness.

This harness allows an OBD-1 ECU to be used in an OBD-2A Civic, Integra, Prelude or Accord. An OBD-1 ECU offers the use of additional features and greater tuning protentional for high horsepower builds. 

The harness is designed to be a plug-and-play affair - no need for crimping, splicing, or soldering. Each connector is pinned to the factory harness to ensure factory inputs/outputs are retained. 

Blox Harnesses are built to last with silicone-fiber reinforced wire that exceeds OEM specifications. They resist heat, abrasion, and fluids.

The Jumper Harness can be used to re-pin wiring or add accessories without the need to modify the factory harness.

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