Upgrade your vehicle's fuel system with the Blox Racing Eco-Fi Street Injectors. These 1000cc injectors with a 1/2" adapter are pre-assembled for Honda K-Series and 06-09 S2000 applications. They ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your vehicle, featuring a shortie 38mm injector size and 14mm bore. With high impedance and strict suitability for naturally aspirated and mild, forced induction street tunes, these injectors are a budget-friendly upgrade option. Tested at 43.5 PSI (3 Bar), 13.8 Volts, and 100 Hz, each injector undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee reliability. However, please note that they are not recommended for racing and are incompatible with e85 or methanol fuels. Included Viton O-rings and EV14 pigtails ensure easy installation and a secure fit. 

Injectors are sold individually. 

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