NOW 32-Way Adjustable - Black Color Only ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK NOW The BLOX Racing Drag Pro+ system now offers more serious straight line performance that will significantly increase starting line traction and lower 60-ft times. Maximizing both will help lower overall quarter mile ET and increase MPH. The DP+ system further increases high speed stability.The DP+ system features 32-way damping adjustment that increases stiffness at each corner and provides more precise suspension tuning. Each adjustment increases stiffness by +5 kg/mm. The DP+ system also includes new pillow ball upper mounts that eliminate deflection associated with rubber bushings. The dual-ride height and 32-way adjustability gives the driver the tools necessary to fine tune each corner to help minimize weight transfer and maximize starting line traction.Each kit comes with 32-way adjustable struts, specifically weighted front and rear coil springs, adjustable perches, pillow ball upper mounts and billet aluminum lower adjustable mounts for EG/DC and EK or ITR control arms. Each kit also includes new dust covers, bump stops and spanner wrench set.  Drag Pro+ Coilover Features Mono tube design FR: 12kg/mm; RR: 18kg/mm 32-way adjustable damping Spherical bearing pillow ball upper mounts Track-proven 18kg/mm rear springs Dual ride adjustability for finer corner scaling Lower 60' times Quicker quarter mile ETs Greater high speed stability and control Vehicle Applications 92-95 Civic 92-97 Delsol 96-00 Civic 94-01 Integra (Non Type-R) Click HERE to download installation instructions. 

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