BLOX Racing is pleased to add two new profiles to its list of high performance B-series camshafts.  Like all BLOX camshafts, each is manufactured using brand new, chill cast cores.  All camshafts are designed using the latest software and casting technologies, then CNC-machined to exact specifications and tolerances.  The resulting camshafts provide maximum results and reliability.  Each camshaft profile is designed to optimize the engine’s horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range, while maintaining valvetrain stability. BLOX P2 B-series VTEC camshafts are designed to optimize mid to top end horsepower and torque, providing peak power past factory redline.  Tuner Series P1 Camshafts: Ideal for mild to highly modified street engine builds and have also been proven ideal in certain turbocharged engine builds.Upgraded valvetrain is required. Tuner P1 Cam Specs INTAKE: 264° / 12.6mm  EXHAUST: 264° / 11.9mm Product Spec Sheet / Installation Instructions

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