Adjustable cam gears are a must for tuners and engine builders looking to get the most out of their engines. Blox Racing Adjustable Cam Gears for B-series are built out of billet 6061 aluminum, making them extremely lightweight, yet durable. They are anodized for durability, and finally, timing marks are laser-etched for clear visibility to the tuner. 

Adjustable cam gears allow the user to get the most horsepower and torque from their engine while also maximizing the usable powerband. DIYers can use them to dial in their camshafts to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, typically provided with the cams as a Camshaft Timing Card or “Cam Card”. Tuners and advanced users can make fine adjustments to cam timing until it is optimized.  

  • +/- 10 degrees of adjustability 
  • Graduations indicate 1° of cam timing   

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