A high performance throttle body is a must if you want a throttle response so sharp it will be only second to the reaction of a skilled driver. As the throttle body is a gateway to the engine's power producing cycle, a high performance throttle body not only  allows you to minimize the delay between drivers input and response of the system, but also to extract even more performance out of other engine mods. BLOX Racing HEMI throttle bodies are manufactured out of precision machined  heavy duty aluminum alloy, and are specifically designed to replace the HEMI OEM throttle body, to maximize the air flow and increase throttle response and power output. Designed and tested to work with the factory tune, these high performance throttle bodies do not need additional engine or ECU tuning to provide noticeable increases in performance. Should not increase gas mileage, although that's largely dependent on the weight of the driver's right foot. BLOX Racing claims full responsibility for the fun you’ll have after installing this high performance upgrade.  Available in 85 and 90mm bore sizes.  

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