The tumble generator valve (TGV) is a device installed on most modern Subarus for emissions purposes. The purpose is to more effectively mix air and fuel during cold-start operations. The issue is that even when the valves are wide open, during warm operation, they still create an unnecessary restriction - less than ideal for those chasing high power figures.  

The Blox Racing TGV delete kit solves this problem by eliminating the TGV system, allowing your EJ20 or EJ25 to breathe freely. A billet aluminum adapter replaces the section of intake where the TGV is located. A 5-axis CNC milling operation is used to match the ports to the OEM intake system as closely as possible. 

This kit uses top feed injectors. Vehicles using side feed injectors are converted to top feed, allowing for better aftermarket support. No top feed rail or injectors included.  

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