Action Clutch offers the Stage 2 (1KS) clutch kit, a prime selection for those seeking peak performance and enduring resilience. Engineered with a reinforced Steel-Backed segmented Kevlar® friction material, this kit ensures superior strength capable of enduring day-to-day wear and tear. Featuring a single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate, it delivers an OEM-like pedal feel with smooth engagement post-break-in. Moreover, the Kevlar® material offers notable benefits, including extended lifespan, silky-smooth engagement, and efficient heat dissipation. Whether your vehicle sports a basic bolt-on setup or undergoes extensive engine modifications like cams, this kit is up to the task. However, it's important to note that this clutch kit isn't recommended for drag racing or drifting. 

At Action Clutch, safety reigns supreme. They recognize the potential risks of springs dislodging and causing catastrophic engine or transmission damage. To mitigate such hazards, they employ patented fully enclosed spring retainers, always safeguarding your investment. Each kit undergoes meticulous quality checks by their experienced engineers, boasting over 60 years of collective experience. With every product signed off as safe before release, customers can trust in the consistent and reliable performance of their Action Clutch.   

Break-in Requirements - 1,000 street miles / Keep RPM’s under 4500, no more than half-throttle, no boost (if applicable).Proper break-in is required in order to retain product warranty, ensure longevity and holding capacity.
Increase in holding capacity is rated in Crank Torque, not Wheel Torque  

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